miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

GREG FRY un articulo sobre los Recruiters Newsletters o boletines informativos de expertos de recursos humanos

Me parece original la idea de exponer comentarios, articulos, tips del área, recomendaciones de libros a una red personal y profesional de seguidores.

En realidad ofrecería un contacto más cercano con diversos tipos de publico avidos de respuestas y soluciones, así como avances de nuevas tendencias.
Veremos que puede suceder.
Comparto el articulo de Greg Fry, un Coach Irlandes que publicó recientemente:
(versión en inglés)


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Have you signed up to Recruiters Newsletters? Many recruitment agencies send out monthly HTML  newsletters updating their candidates on the latest and hottest job vacancies in the marketplace. In fact this is something that every Recruitment Consultant should do.  I have found newsletters an excellent tool to keep in touch with candidates………….And this got me thinking!

During a recent "Personal Branding" session with a job seeker we were looking at creative ways to get noticed in the marketplace and then it struck me! What if a job seeker created a professional newsletter updating agencies and employers on their latest activities? You could include interviews you have attended, any courses you have signed up for or completed, what books you have been reading, a link to your online cv, articles you have read and recommend reading and links to your latest blog articles etc. This would be a super way to demonstrate how proactive you are and that you have been busy up skilling over the last month and not busy watching Ricky Lake and other day time TV cancers!

The newsletter should be send to companies you have applied for positions with, recruitment agencies , business contacts and friends and family.  A really good site to build a newsletter on is Mail Chimp.

My client has had twice as many interviews in the last two months, since he has started his newsletter than he had in the previous 6 months…..So maybe there is something in this approach?

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